Diet Chart

Early Morning

  •  Two (2)  Dried figs to be taken, after soaking in water for the overnight

Breakfast (Naashta)

  •  Any one out of
    • Wheat's Dalia
    • Moong Dal Cheela
    • Moong Dal Khichdi
    • Suji Cheela
    • Upma
    • Idli (Without Sambhar)
  • Chapati (Roti)

Lunch (Dopahar Aahaar) or Dinner (Ratri Aahaar)

  •  Chapati (Roti)
  • In Vegetables (According to your needs):
    • Lauki
    • Torai
    • Tinda
    • Parwal
    • Hara(Green) Papeeta
    • Kundru
    • Bhaseeda (Kamal Kakdi)
    • Seetaphal (Kaddu)
    • Methi Saag
    • Patta Gobhi
    • Gaajar
    • Muuli
    • Shaljam
  • Pulses (Daal)
    • Moong Dhuli
    • Moong Hari (Sabut)
  • Rice can be taken.

Linner (Evening) (Between Lunch and Dinner)

  • Two (2) Dates (Khajoor) and 1 bowl roasted Makhana (without salt) can be taken.
  • Any one of the following (150 grams):
    • Apple (Seb)
    • Pear (Naashpati)
    • Guava (Amruud)
    • Papaya (Papeeta)
    • Pomegranate (Anaar)




  • Sunflower Oil or Desi Ghee (Half Teaspoon) has to be used for cooking purpose.
  • RO Purified Water or Mineral Water (Eg. Bisleri, Kinley or Aquafina) has to be used for drinking and cooking purpose.
  • Cold water is strictly not to be taken.
  • Diabetic Patients need to check their blood sugar levels before taking fruits. If blood sugar level is high, fruits are not to be taken.
  • Potatoes are not to be taken.
  • Only Sendha Namak (Rock Salt) has to be used for cooking.
  • Dhania, Jeera, Adhrak, Hari Mirch, Kali Mirch,Turmeric(Haldi), Pyaj can be taken but in less amount/quantity.
  • If Phosphorous lavel  is high in blood, then avoid the milk, patta gobhi and onion (pyaj). 
  • If required, 1\2 (half) cup of tea can be taken once in a day.
  • Carrot,Turnip and Raddish can be taken in less amount.
  • Cow's / Goat's Milk (350 ml) can be taken once in a day.
  • Liquid consumption (including milk) should not exceed 1 litre. 


  • If the level of Potassium is high in the blood; avoid khajoor and other fruits.

  • Before using vegetables for cooking, soak vegetables for 1/2 hour in warm water and drain that water.

  • Before using Pulses (Daal) for cooking, soak in warm water for 1 hour and drain that water.


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